NS Bikes Lenker Evidence Light Schwarz 2014

Der Evidence Lite ist perfekt für Enduro-, Allmountain-und kleinere Downhillfahrer. Der HighEnd Lenker wiegt weniger als 300 g und kommt mit vollständig eigener Geometrie und sehr gleichmäßig ansteigender Konifizierung an belasteten Stellen, um auftretende Kräfte effektiv und sicher zu verteilen. Technische Daten Material: Alu 7050 Breite: 762 mm Rise: 21 mm Klemmung: 31.8 mm Steigung: 4° Krümmung: 9° Gewicht: 305 g

UVP: 66,90 € * 59,90 € *

Chromag Griffe Palmskin Blau 2015

The Palmskin grip is designed for riders who like a softer, supple feel and may prefer not to use gloves. The ribbed pattern is compliant under the hand while managing moisture by channeling it away into the groove. The Palmskin is made with special formulated rubber compound that combines a soft 25a durometer and a proprietary additive for a combination of tackiness and durability. Overall length 142mm. Chromag grips feature our unique ‘Split-Teardrop’ end clamp which effectively covers the bar end while still utilizing a true pinch-clamp for the best purchase to the bar. Overall length 142mm.

UVP: 29,90 € * 26,50 € *

Chromag Sattel Moon DT Schwarz 2014

We make a DT (synthetic top) version of our low profile Moon for riders who see a lot of wet weather or for DH and freeride applications where extra durability is needed. The narrow platform design...

UVP: 97,90 € * 78,50 € *




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